Wado Concepts

The following concepts are the underlying commonalities that bring quality to the martial movement used in Wado. Combined, they can be so effective as to evoke wonder or sense of “magic”. Martial arts cinema has helped this perception along, with shallow realism; however, to join one’s mind to movement is truly powerful. It’s simply the connection of brain and body, intention and skill. 

Energy radiates from the human body. Our brains are sparking with it and our nerves carry it throughout our tissues. Connecting your thoughts with your movement (paying attention to the muscles and physical concepts therein) trains the brain to use its energy to enhance a physical effort. 

In studying Wado, students must think on these things constantly to improve body awareness and structure, such as muscle control, breath, and posture. Karate training changes the body and mind. Student come to realize that this development process, when allowed to work, can change lives for the better. 

Receiving Principles





Generating Power




Aiki Principles

Aiki speaks to the harmony of forces. We can harness greater strength and power through connecting the body and mind. Science uses terms like biophysics and applied movement neurology to describe this kind of connection. 

Initiation Principles – “3 Timings”

Go no Sen: Reaction timing, for instance, blocking because a punch is thrown. 

Sen no Sen: Reaction is at the same time as action, for instance, noru, or entering the attack with the block. 

Sen sen no sente: Action initiated by anticipation. Sense the attack and respond without waiting for it to happen.