Karate Class Just For (pre) Teens!

Our newest offering is for students aged 11-15. Teen class is a memory-maker unlike any other. Class is built on fun, friendship, and fortitude. Students make huge leaps in their understanding of life and find like-minded friends to accompany them on this pivotal leg of their journey. The instruction and training pace meets these students on their level, offering a reprieve from stress, teachings to help them navigate their world, and skills to carry them safely into adulthood. Teen Class Schedule

Beginner Teen Class

Beginner class is for white-blue belts while they grasp the basics of karate movement and becoming familiar with karate techniques. Each student has their own strengths and challenges. We help each student tackle their individual needs and become physically skilled AND mentally resilient. Teaching focuses on self-respect, courtesy toward others, and strength of character. Consistent training builds confidence, self-discipline, and self-control.

Advanced Teen Class

Teens advance into this class beyond blue belt to cover the remainder of the curriculum through black belt and beyond. At 16, teens are eligible for Adult Class.

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