Teen Karate Class

Teen Class is built on fun, friendship, and fortitude. Through the study of Wado Karate, students make huge leaps in their understanding of life and find like-minded friends to accompany them on this pivotal leg of their journey. The instruction and training pace meets these students on their level, offering a reprieve from stress, teachings to help them navigate their world, and skills to carry them safely into adulthood. 

In Teen Class, we help students become physically skilled AND mentally resilient. Instruction also focuses on self-respect, courtesy toward others, and strength of character. Consistent training builds confidence, self-discipline, and self-control as well as self defense skills, athleticism, and spirit. 

Students start with the basics of fitness, technique, and training etiquette in Beginner Teen Class. Belt advancement is truly individualized, taking into account each student’s strengths and weaknesses in addition to requirements. Over time, students move into our Intermediate/Advanced Teen Class. This high-energy, high-effort class paves the way for advanced Wado Karate training, self-study, and personal excellence at the dojo and beyond. 

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