Weapon, Defense, & Fitness Education

New Visions offers supplemental classes for students interested in expanding their knowledge of martial arts as they journey the path of lifelong learning. These classes are open to intermediate and advanced students unless otherwise announced. Studies include kobudo (weapons – sword,bo staff, nunchaku), groundwork, agility-demanding skills (demo-style kicking, dive rolls, etc…), or mobility classes as well as educational workshops on movement, self defense, and sport karate.

In effort to educate and expand the martial arts worldview, New Visions Dojo commits to bringing outside learning opportunities to our students. We promote annual seminars and training camps, so students may continually benefit from the knowledge and experience of international instructors and top martial athletes.

Private karate Lessons in South Nashville

Additionally, we offer private lessons on a continuous basis, or as supplements to regular training. Please contact the sensei for scheduling and pricing.

Karate Testimonials