Summer Camp

Fun For All!

Summer Karate at New Visions Dojo

Summertime is a wonderful opportunity to try out new interests, learn new skills, and make friends! Our annual Summer Course provides a way for interested students to become familiar with our quality karate training. If you live in Brentwood, Nolensville, South Nashville, Lenox Village, Nipper’s Corner, or Antioch, you’ll find our dojo is conveniently located near your neighborhood. Our Summer Karate Course is open to kids (4+), teens, and adults. 

Uncertainties surrounding CoVid-19 have prompted some changes in our approach to our 2020 Summer Karate Course and class schedule.  Register for our 4 Week Live Trial to get started with our virtual karate classes, and transfer into the dojo as we re-open. Check out our Live Class schedule here  

Whether you start your Summer Karate Course online classes or on-location, expect a well-rounded introduction to Wado Karate with proactive, professional instructors who are vested in helping each student develop real martial arts skills and achieve their personal best. Meeting students where they’re at is our specialty, so we carefully compose our karate classes according to students’ needs and skill levels. We work with students and their parents to create a training experience that produces lifelong benefits.

Karate training in a formal dojo environment inherently develops strong physical and mental skills in addition to character traits like focus, confidence, integrity, and respect. It’s our mission to communicate these martial arts principles and follow-up on students’ progress, so that they not only gain worthwhile physical skills, but realize their inner strength, sense of self, and potential.

2020 Summer Karate Course

Our Summer Karate Course is the perfect way to channel kids’ energies throughout their summer! Classes are designed to introduce students to traditional Japanese karate (Wado-ryu) and send them into their next year with more focus, confidence, and ready to tackle life. We also educate students on Olympic Sport Karate kumite (controlled fighting) skills, rules, and strategy so they learn to successfully apply techniques with precision and control. Our youth karate curriculum develops:

  • Self Defense Skills & Personal Awareness
  • Athleticism, Strength, Coordination, & Healthy Fitness Habits
  • Focus, Confidence, and Self Discipline

Classes meet 2-3 times each week over the course. Pre-registration is open! Please see our Class Scheduleor contact us for more information. 

*Transfer students, find out more here.

Summer Karate and Fitness for Teens & Adults

Our Summer Karate Course is also for teens and adults! Come train with us as we explore Wado Karate, learn to move well, and use our bodies, minds, and spirit to the fullest! Our teen and adult classes emphasize:

  • Proper Technique, Intent, & Spirit
  • Mobility, Athleticism, Strength, & Stamina
  • Practical Application of Techniques & Skills
  • Strong Mentality, Mental Clarity, Confidence, & Stress Management

Class Schedule