Description of Summer Karate Course


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Our 8 Week Summer Karate Course is the perfect way to introduce exceptional karate training in Wado Karate for Kids, Teens, AND Adults!

Students develop new skills, learn to set goals, and become familiar with the concept of doing their best in each moment, which lays the foundation for strong character!

Meeting students where they’re at is our specialty, so our proactive, professional instructors individualize training according to achieve students’ developmental needs and skill levels to achieve maximum impact. We work with students and parents to create a training experience that produces lifelong benefits.

Our 8 Week Introductory Course includes instruction in:

  1. Practical Karate Techniques & Safety Strategies
  2. Physical & Mental Fitness Habits
  3. Lifelong Skills like Respect, Focus, & Self-Discipline

Students gain Confidence and Awareness to make smart choices and create their best life!

After you register, we’ll give you a call within 24 hours to schedule the first lesson. Please make sure you provide your BEST contact information! Registration ends June 15.

Need to check the schedule? Find class times for each age group here!

We look forward to sharing exceptional karate training with you soon!

More about us:  New Visions Dojo is conveniently located near Brentwood, Nolensville, South Nashville, Lenox Village, Nipper’s Corner, and Antioch. Classes for Kids (4+), Teens, and Adults are offered Monday-Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. 

Karate training in a formal dojo environment inherently develops strong physical and mental skills in addition to character traits like focus, confidence, integrity, and respect. It’s our mission to communicate these martial arts principles and follow-up on students’ progress, so that they not only gain worthwhile physical skills, but realize their inner strength, sense of self, and potential.

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