Traditional Sport Karate: A 2020 Olympic Event

Nashville Sport Karate is a nationally-recognized competition team open to martial arts students of all ages and ranks. Sport karate training compliments traditional class work by refining technique, precision, and athletic performance and testing skills against high standards.     

The team participates in the USA National Karate Federation (NKF) tournament circuit, the official national governing body for the 2020 Olympics. The NKF feeds into the World Karate Federation (WKF) and Team USA for international and Olympic opportunities.Tournament events include kobudo (weapons), kata (forms), and kumite (fighting).

NKF Karate National Championships 2018 WIKF USA at Nationals in Reno, NV

While we are open to students competing in other circuits (as our sensei/coaches have throughout their careers), the NKF’s expectations for respectful demeanor, organization, and precision-demanding criteria best align with New Visions’ dojo values.

Kumite division winner scores ippon at Tennessee State Championships. Karate Athletes 

Athletes undergo strength and conditioning, strategy and training drills, and technical fine-tuning.  Just as in the classroom, competition training requires mental fortitude, diligence, and spirit. Students who wish to join the team must demonstrate willingness to “find work” in their training. There is always another level to reach, another skill to perfect, or way to improve as a teammate. We find our best and make it better!

Proactive Coaching

Kata work at 2017 Spring Sport Karate Training Camp.

Sensei are actively training karateka and national-level competitors experienced in various circuits. Coaches are background-checked, SafeSport certified, and members of the Positive Coaching Alliance. Parents and non-competing karateka are encouraged to participate in various coaching and officiating roles. Training for supportive roles is provided, as well as opportunities to attend officiating workshops.

Nashville Sport Karate also gives students and parents access to a larger community of competitive athletes through the WIKF, an international organization that shares training, coaching, and various resources while representing Wado karate on the tournament circuit. Joint training is held throughout the year.