Karate Lessons for Kids

When you enroll in our kids karate classes, you’re signing up for proactive, professional instruction with teachers who invest in your children to help them develop goals, skills, and a personal best. Meeting students on their level is our specialty. We carefully construct classes according to skill, age, and rank, and work with parents to build a individualized program that produces lifelong benefits.

Ninjas Karate Classes (ages 4-6)

Ninjas classes use karate basics to actively teach motor skills, focus, and healthy habits. Our instructors work with parents to develop students’ balance, coordination, concentration, and agility. Classes are energetic, focused, and fun, resulting in a positive, productive classroom experience for younger children.

Because preschoolers are becoming aware of others in their environment, they also learn about safety strategies, teamwork, integrity, and leadership. Developing these capabilities leads to confidence, self discipline, and indomitable spirit that sticks with them as they grow. Find our ninja karate class schedule here, or sign up here

Youth Karate Classes (ages 7-12)

Our youth karate classes develop personal strength, stamina, self-awareness, and teamwork in a fun, engaging way. We add calisthenics to our technical training, so students gain the athleticism (strength, coordination, flexibility, and agility) they’ll need to advance.

The study of Wado Karate is based on respect, integrity, humility, and perseverance. Students learn to discipline their minds and bodies, and overcome challenges. Belt promotions are earned as each student progresses in their personal training. 

Training Wisely

We train our students to use their skills of awareness, redirection, and avoidance before resorting to physical combat. Our curriculum covers defensive strategies for all forms of confrontation: verbal, single/multiple attackers, and ground defense. The dojo (classroom) represents life on a smaller scale, cultivating each student’s best effort and attitude as they set their bar high and build confidence to handle themselves in any situation.

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced classes provide tailored training at each skill level. Students learn to lead by example as they advance to the head of each class. Find our kids’ class schedule here, or sign up here.

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