Brentwood Karate Students

We are aware that one of the Brentwood karate schools is closing. Students interested in transferring over to our dojo are welcome to try training with us. We are extending our 2 Week Trial ($25) for these students. Students should be aware that their current ranks will stand, but there will be some gaps in curriculum or training time to fill. We are open to offering a few supplemental classes for this group to help everyone get up to speed. 

Our dojo is located 15 minutes from the Brentwood dojo and 10 minutes from town-center Nolensville. Please GPS from your homes, as the evening rush can add time. 

The Little Dragon Program offered in Brentwood translates to our Ninjas classes. These students learn at a slower pace until they reach the age and maturity to attend our regular Kids classes. Some students may qualify for our Beginner Kids classes, while others may continue in Ninjas. We will evaluate students during their trial to determine the best class for them. 

The primary difference in our dojo and the former Brentwood karate school is that we do not approach black belt as an end-goal. It is a checkpoint along a much grander journey in learning and in life. 

Please give us a call, or email us with any other questions.