Adult Karate Training in South Nashville

Learn to apply the principles of traditional Wado karate in practical self defense, physical fitness, and personal mastery. We work individually (calisthenics, kata, basic techniques) and together (sparring, partner drills) to develop strength, mobility, stamina, and coordination–the physical building blocks of advanced karate training. Our adult students enjoy the outlet for stress release, the focus on personal growth, and plenty of positive endorphins.

We begin by meeting each student at his/her level to address proper posture, alignment, and basic movement skills as needed. No prior training required!

Our adult karateka span decades, allowing us to learn from each other and get the most from training. Class is a respectful, encouraging environment that paves the way for learning. Students learn to practice total awareness and a focused mentality as defensive strategies and training tools. 

Karate for Life 

As adult students mature in their training, they also find greater self-confidence, respect, and perseverance that betters life outside the dojo. Studying Wado helps students connect the power in their bodies and minds and create harmony between their values, thoughts, and actions. Come learn with us and discover the unending benefits of an effective martial arts practice. Observe a class, or sign up for a trial.

“The way you move is the way you think, the way you think is the way you feel, the way you feel is the world you create.”

Cameron Shayne, Budokon founder

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