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Training in Wado Karate at NVD

Welcome to New Visions Dojo.  A dojo is a “place where we study the way”. Our way is Wado-Ryu Karate, Way of Harmony. We serve South Nashville, Brentwood, Lenox Village, Antioch, and Nolensville, Tennessee with exceptional Karate Instruction for ChildrenTeens, and Adults.  Our robust curriculum is designed to equip students with the skills for success on and off the mat.

Age and skill level-specific classes develop Effective Technique, Physical Fitness and Athleticism, Healthy Lifestyle Habits, and Leadership Skills.

You’ll also find individualized instruction, competition opportunities through Nashville Sport Karate Team , Weapons Classes, private lessons, extracurricular opportunities, and a longstanding community of karate practitioners and families.

In the dojo, you enter a place of learning, growth, and self-realization. Through karate training, students experience the limitless benefits of developing a strong mind, connected body, and indomitable spirit. We strengthen our community by challenging one another to train diligently, live with integrity, and always do our best. As our founder Master Hironori Otsuka once said:

The difference between the possible and the impossible is one’s will.”

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